Support to Owners – New Build

Houlder are able to provide a unique blend of enthusiasm and awareness of Yacht building and commercial shipbuilding practice to ensure that Project and Technical risks are minimised.  Houlder’s approach is one of progressive acceptance. It has a direct connection to the reduction of technical and commercial risk of a Yacht or system failing to meet performance criteria.

Development of the Statement of Owner’s requirements is critical as this forms the backbone of the performance requirements in the technical specification and concept design.

This statement is used to develop a detailed description of the Yacht including the designer’s GA and a tendering specification that can be incorporated into an invitation to tender enabling effective competitive tendering. A rigorous selection process is used to select a preferred bidder and commence contract negotiations.

Critical Owner’s requirements are defined with measurable performance criteria that are detailed in the tender documents. These limits on the design are negotiated into the shipbuilding contract as appropriate liquidated damages.

During the contracted phase with the Shipyard  the technical performance is progressively validated by Computational Fluid Dynamics methods, tanks testing and finally harbour and sea trials.

Houlder’s involvement with the design and construction process will be arranged to verify compliance at the earliest opportunity by:-

  • Thorough plan, drawing, document and calculation reviews, to confirm that the Shipyard’s design conforms with the specification.
  • Attendance by a supervision team at the shipyard during construction to monitor progress and give early advice of deviations from Owner’s requirements. This activity is collaborative with the shipbuilder, helping them take corrective action to remedy defects.
  • An inspection and test plan identifies a progressive vessel acceptance with oversight including material quality, construction processes and procedures, visual and non-destructive testing, third party survey by a Classification Society/Flag Administration/MCA, test and commissioning procedures for systems and equipment. This leads to a sea trial during which the operating performance and functionality will be demonstrated.


Our services during each stage of the project can be summarised as follows;

Pre-contract services:

  • Development of technical specification
  • Development of concept design
  • Develop ITT
  • Select preferred bidder and contract negotiations.

Services during the yacht building contract phase:

  • Plan approval
  • Verification of critical calculations
  • Project management
  • Attendance at Factory Acceptance Tests
  • Model testing
  • Construction supervision
  • Harbour tests
  • Sea trials
  • Warranty services
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