Support for designers and owners – pre-contract

Houlder provide technical support at the concept stage.

Designers are increasingly being required to become more innovative, incorporating larger and more challenging designs, operating in more extreme environments. Ensuring the design concept is fundamentally sound in terms of stability and safety is essential to enable the design as presented to the Owner to remain unchanged through the contract stage with the shipyard.

Houlder staff have the technical ability and appreciation of aesthetics with the experience of delivering design assurance to a number of yacht designers. Helping to turn the Owner’s dreams into a reality at the shipyard without compromise.

Houlder support the tendering stage of activity.

Houlder staff have a wide range of experience in developing technical designs and specifications for tendering and  contracting with shipyards on many yachts including three at over 100m. We combine our understanding of the regulatory requirements and technical aspects of ship and yacht building to ensure the technical documentation is set to correctly deliver the designer’s vision to meet or exceed the Owner’s expectations.

Services include:

Concept Design – Houlder have taken a number of our own concept designs through to construction and understand where timely integration of technical input can assist with the design of Yachts.

Stability Analysis – We are experienced in damage and intact stability to the Large Yacht Code LY3 and Passenger Yacht Code PYC as well to SOLAS for passenger ships and the Polar Code. Our rigorous approach to stability analysis ensures the bulkheads are correctly positioned, allowing dimensions of compartments to be fixed before the interior design is presented to the Owner. Eliminating the risk of the design changing once it reaches the shipyard.

Safety – We pride ourselves in understanding the fundamentals of safety regulations from Smaller Yachts through to the Large Yacht Code, PYC and passenger ships. Our input at the concept stage ensures that fundamentals like positioning in Fire Zone bulkheads, Life Saving Appliances and Escapes are correctly integrated early in the design stage.

Machinery Arrangement – based on a required trial speed Houlder can develop a suitable arrangement for main and Auxiliary machinery spaces to ensure sufficient space is allocated. Houlder are aware of the latest technology (such as hybrid battery propulsion) to ensure the most up to date options are considered. Regulations that are in development can also be considered to help future proof the vessel.

Structural design – Houlder have a wide variety of experience in undertaking full structural designs for a number of yachts and novel ships.  These skills can be used to ensure the design is achievable, through validation with Finite Element Analysis and/or Class approval of main structural drawings.

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