Shipyard Support

Houlder has a track record of providing accurate design information delivered in a timely manner to enable the smooth progress of the refit helping the project remain on time and on budget. We provide a thorough understanding of the design aspects; intact and damage stability, fire safety and regulatory aspects that are essential to ensure a good design basis for a successful refit. We have the capacity to provide a wide variety of scope ranging from complete designs for refits  to providing support with specific packages of work, large or small. We can also provide onsite support or undertake design work from our offices.

Houlder undertake detailed design work in 3D, using NUPAS or Solidworks.

Our work is supported by an extensive analysis capability, allowing us to ensure solutions to complex issues can be delivered within the agreed timescale. Whether relating to intact and damage stability, seakeeping, manoeuvring and mooring analysis, structural analysis using finite element analysis and powering calculations.


Stability analysis– Inclining experiments and intact and damage stability analysis of newbuild and existing yachts to the Large Yacht Code (LY3) and Passenger Yacht Code (PYC).

Structural design We have extensive experience in providing structural design packages, ranging is scope from:

  • Class approved scantling plans for complete hulls of ships and yachts
  • Design and production drawings for Aluminium superstructure
  • Design and production drawings for Hull units
  • Seating arrangements for main and auxiliary machinery


Advanced analysis and calculations:

  • Houlder has extensive experience in integrating full ship finite element analysis with seakeeping analysis to apply wave loadings and determine responses.
  • Seakeeping analysis including multi body analysis that provides results of ship motions. The results of which are can be integrated into the initial design of tender bays/docks.
  • Manoeuvring studies can be undertaken to confirm thruster sizing for specific station keeping and dynamic positioning requirements.


Design Services:

  • Preparation of structural fire protection and fire safety system drawings in compliance with PYC and LY3.
  • Escape and Evacuation plans in accordance with PYC and LY3.
  • Machinery system design  –  system design and consultancy, P&ID drawings, 3D modelling of pipe routing.
  • Electrical design – high level design, consultancy, short circuit and discrimination analysis.


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